A second-grade teacher in Arizona, Elisabeth Milich, was frustrated with her salary and decided to post about it on Facebook. She wants to help her students have fun in her classroom, but she doesn’t make enough money for that. She put up a photo of her salary, which is just over thirty-five thousand, and said that she is lucky that she isn’t a single mom trying to live off of just one salary. She has her husband’s support, and together they can provide for their children and do some good for her students, but she still doesn’t feel that it is enough. She stated that she doesn’t even make enough money each year to provide her students with the sets of paint that she would like to give each of them.

Elisabeth Milich stated that it is hard to balance all of the things that she needs for her family and what she would like to do for the young students in her care. She works at a school with low-income students, and she has supported her students in the past by buying lunch for them while on field trips, but she doesn’t feel that it is enough. Her post received a lot of attention from people all over, and one person who saw it made a big impact on her and her students. Ben Adam messaged her after seeing her Facebook post and asked about the school supplies that she needed. He lives in New York, and Elisabeth Milich was surprised that someone from the opposite side of the country would be interested in helping her and her students. He sent packages for her classroom, and she was shocked by the kindness of the stranger.

The packages weren’t just a one-time gift, but Elisabeth Milich continued to receive the school supplies as the year continued. She was deeply touched by all of the items that Ben Adam sent, and she said that she would like to hug him for his kindness. He sent books, paint, paper, and snacks, among other items. The man didn’t stop there, either, but he decided to start a website to encourage others to give to the classrooms in their area. The website is classroomgiving.org, and it is not asking for donations but encourages others to go on Amazon and place an order for a classroom in need. Ben Adam says everyone can give whatever donation they can afford and send it directly to the classroom they choose. He knows Elisabeth Milich isn’t the only teacher who struggles to find the funds for her classroom and all of her students’ needs, and his website is making a positive impact on schools all over the country.