Becky Holt, a renowned content creator on OnlyFans, has garnered significant attention as the “most tattooed woman” in Great Britain. However, she now reveals a sense of regret for attaining fame solely through her tattoos, as it has led to occasional rejections at bars and restaurants where her extensive body art is misconstrued as being “gang-related.” While such incidents are not a frequent occurrence, it remains a challenging aspect she must contend with from time to time.

Having invested over $40,000 in her body art, Holt has inked approximately 95% of her body, including her face, neck, and even her genitals. In a recent interview with Fabulous, she shared her experiences of receiving both kindness and harsh criticism, with online critics being particularly merciless.

“It’s online. They’ve said I look horrible or have too many tattoos or to avoid the face,” she expressed, highlighting the disparity between in-person interactions and the online realm.

As a mother of a two-year-old girl, Holt often faces inquiries about the longevity of her tattoos and their appearance as she ages. Expressing her frustration, she posed the question, “This annoys me because who has good skin at 60, whether you have tattoos or not?”

In a social experiment conducted for television, Holt decided to cover up her tattoos, observing a notable shift in how people treated her. She received more assistance and empathy when her body art was concealed, as compared to when she proudly displayed her intricate designs.

“People were just more inclined to help me. It was to see how different people treated me when I asked for questions or for help,” she explained. Adding further, she noted, “And people were really, really rude to me when I had tattoos. I think people think it’s a bit thuggish and are scared of me. It’s like they don’t think I can hear; they will talk quite openly and quite loudly and be really rude about my appearance. It’s my body and my choice, and if people don’t like it, I don’t care.”

Holt’s journey with tattoos began at a young age, but it wasn’t until she turned twenty-two that she started embracing more visible and prominent body art. The Instagram model, who boasts over 150,000 followers, reminisces about the pain and pleasure of the process, citing her armpit as the most excruciating spot.

“I love to stand out, I love the artwork, I love the time and dedication it takes, so I just went for it and got my body covered. The first big one was on my thigh – it’s Ganesh – but it was still covered, so if you saw me on the street, you wouldn’t know I was tattooed. And then I started getting really big ones, ones on my legs, one on my arms. I got the Labyrinth movie on my whole leg, which is my favorite film,” Holt shared, reflecting on her passion for unique and meaningful designs.