Sheriff Carmine Marceno, hailing from New York and now leading the charge in Florida’s Lee County, has made it abundantly clear where he stands when it comes to tackling crime and combating leftist mayhem. Since assuming his role in 2018, Sheriff Marceno has been a staunch advocate for law and order in the sunshine state.

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Sheriff Marceno pulled no punches in addressing the issue of criminals seeking refuge in Florida as they flee the chaos of Democrat-controlled cities. His message to those with ill intentions was crystal clear – if you think you can wreak havoc and peddle poison in Lee County or anywhere in Florida, think again. The long arm of the law will find you, bring you to justice, and ensure you face the full consequences of your actions.

But it is not just criminals that Sheriff Marceno has in his sights. He castigated individuals fleeing failing leftist states like California and New York, only to bring their destructive voting habits to Florida. He denounced their tendency to transplant their flawed ideologies to a state that thrives on law and order, warning that such actions could turn Florida from a safe haven into a disaster zone.

It was with conviction that Sheriff Marceno called out these transplants, urging them to return to the crime-riddled environments they sought to escape. His message was clear – if you cannot abide by our laws and uphold our values of order and security, then perhaps Florida is not the place for you.

In a resolute stand against lawlessness, Sheriff Marceno emphasized that Florida welcomes all law-abiding citizens with open arms, but those who champion chaos and criminality have no place in the state. He made it unequivocally clear that those who believe criminals have free rein to terrorize the streets and endanger innocent lives are not welcome in Florida.

The Sheriff’s firm stance has garnered widespread support, with commenters lauding him as the epitome of law enforcement and a beacon of justice. One admirer went so far as to dub him “more gangster than gangsters” and the “best sheriff in America,” while another applauded his relentless pursuit of evildoers.

In conclusion, Sheriff Carmine Marceno stands as a pillar of strength against the tide of lawlessness and disorder. His unwavering commitment to upholding the law and protecting the residents of Lee County and Florida serves as a shining example of what it means to be a true guardian of justice.