Renowned actor Nicolas Cage faces distressing news as his eldest son, Weston Cage, is currently sought for questioning in connection to an incident at his mother’s residence. TMZ reports that the altercation, involving a battery report with his mother, Christina Fulton, unfolded on April 28 in Los Angeles, with Weston, 33, identified as a suspect.

The situation initially sparked as a verbal disagreement between mother and son before escalating into a physical confrontation. Emergency services attended to Fulton’s injuries, although she declined further medical assistance. Upon law enforcement’s arrival, Weston had already departed the scene, prompting investigations to ascertain the gravity of the incident.

Sources suggest that Fulton, 56, sought to offer support to her son amidst emotional struggles. Despite denying the occurrence of an argument, she has requested privacy regarding the sensitive matter. However, public sightings revealed Fulton sporting a black eye and fading bruises, indicating the aftermath of the altercation, as she was spotted tending to a parking meter in Los Angeles and later sharing a comforting moment with an undisclosed companion.

Weston’s history of mental health issues surfaces, with a past psychiatric hold in 2011 following a distressing episode in Los Angeles. Fulton previously attributed his struggles to Nicolas Cage, citing the actor’s alleged negative influence on their son’s well-being. Expressing her role in Weston’s upbringing, Fulton highlighted the challenges faced while raising him as a single parent following her separation from Cage shortly after Weston’s birth.

Married multiple times, Weston has four children, including two sons from a previous marriage to Danielle and twin daughters from his union with Hila Arounian. Legal battles unfolded in 2023, with Fulton and Weston accusing Arounian of financial misconduct and malicious actions aimed at tarnishing their reputation. The duo lamented the estrangement from their granddaughters due to a restraining order initiated by Arounian, highlighting the emotional toll of being separated from the young children.

As authorities pursue Weston for clarifications regarding the recent incident involving his mother, the actor’s family faces yet another challenge. Weston’s representatives remain silent on the unfolding developments, leaving questions surrounding the family’s tumultuous dynamics unanswered.

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