Following Kim Kardashian’s declaration that she intends to divorce her longtime spouse, Kanye West made headlines. Despite the fact that they have several children and have lived together for years, West’s erraticness became a strain on Kardashian, and she decided to call it quits. Now, in an effort to keep tabs on his ex-wife, Kanye West is attempting to purchase the home next door to hers so he can remain close to her as she attempts to put some distance between herself and her out-of-control husband.

While addressing a group of fans, West said that he desired to “get his family back together.” However, he may have some difficulty in that pursuit because it appears Kim Kardashian has found a new romantic partner in Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson.

Kardashian currently resides in her large Hidden Hills estate. West owns a Malibu mansion worth more than $50 million that is only a thirty-minute drive from her residence, but he wants to get even closer to keep tabs on his ex-wife. Nevertheless, West is reportedly ready to drop several more million dollars on an estate across the street from where Kardashian lives so he can monitor her movements and who comes and goes from the property.

It’s still not public what Kardashian thinks about her former husband’s recent actions, but it can’t be comfortable for her because he has a history of being unstable. With some physical space between them now, hopefully, she can concentrate on herself and their kids while West deals with his own problems. Only the future will show if this was a good decision or simply another example of how impulsive West can be.

Kanye’s new bachelor pad is considerably smaller than Kim Kardashian’s enormous home. It was constructed in 1955 and was owned by a regular family that lacked the level of fame of either Kanye or Kim. The home may be worth millions because of its picturesque California location, but it is a single-story ranch house with four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The plot is believed to be around 3,600 square feet in size.

Lastly, Kanye’s new home includes a guest studio complete with another bedroom and bathroom. It is located on an expansive piece of property containing acres of land and horse stables.

Kanye must now get to work inside his house since it is in dire need of repair and remodeling. The home has wall-to-wall carpets that seem to have remained in position since the 1980s, as well as a few outdated bathrooms that Kanye will have to enhance if he wishes for a modern property that fits his preferences.

To get the home as soon as possible, West paid $421,000 over the seller’s asking price in order to acquire it.