When teachers ask students what they aspire to be when they become adults, few of them respond with “a criminal.” Surprisingly though, this is exactly the life that British woman Narinder Kaur decided to pursue. For numerous years she devoted all her effort and energy to thieving from a variety of stores in Britain- so much so it became her full-time career! Through these illegal means, she was able to make an astonishing amount of money for herself.

Recently, the 53-year-old shoplifter was apprehended for her thefts of more than half a million dollars from numerous stores across Great Britain. Her method was uncomplicated – Kaur stole anything she could find from high street shops and returned it later to receive refunds that she had no right to get. Unbeknownst to the store personnel, this allowed her thievery spree unfettered access until eventually being caught.

Over the span of four years, Kaur brazenly took part in over 1,000 shoplifting incidents. In addition to conventional theft from store shelves and racks, she sometimes returned goods to stores that she had stolen beforehand and demanded money for them. The Crown Prosecution Service has made these details available via the paperwork filed on the case.

After a thorough investigation, Kaur’s fraud was revealed by CCTV footage. The video showed her taking items from the shelves to the register and pretending that she had already bought them – this dubious practice occurred hundreds of times according to CPS records after prosecutors examined her accounts carefully.

Prosecutors used a multi-faceted approach to demonstrate Kaur’s culpability of her alleged shoplifting scheme. They examined data from Kaur’s financial institutions, retail stores’ documents and records, witness accounts, and testimonies combined with hard evidence obtained from the business’s surveillance camera footage.

In the end, following her appearance in court, the 53-year-old shoplifter hailing from Cleverton Wiltshire UK was convicted on 26 counts of fraudulence. Additionally, she was found guilty of possession and moving criminal assets as well as obstructing justice in relation to her case.

Kaur’s four-month trial at the Gloucester Crown Court concluded with her being found guilty of numerous charges on March 10, 2023. Her sentence is yet to be announced but will likely involve a stint in prison. While she awaits the official word from the court, she must face up to the reality that hard time behind bars looms ahead for her in a British jail.

From July 2015 to February 2019, Kaur masterminded a massive shoplifting scheme utilizing multiple bank accounts and credit cards.

The Senior Crown Prosecutor at CPS West Midlands, Giovanni D’Alessandro, remarked: “Kaur undertook fraud in a long-standing and wide-ranging manner. It was a very lucrative full-time job that demonstrably made her over half a million pounds over this period of offending. She went to extraordinary lengths to carry out her deceptions, seeking to find a way of defrauding a retailer and then traveling all over the country to replicate the fraud. She also changed her name legally and opened new bank accounts and credit cards with a second identity to avoid detection. She now rightly faces a significant sentence for her crimes, and the prosecution will look to recoup as many of her ill-gotten gains as the law allows.”