A 34-year-old American mother has recently brought to light an experience of her five-year-old son’s teacher criticizing the packed lunch she had prepared for him, dubbing it both “disgusting and inappropriate.” In order to gain insight into who is right or wrong in this scenario, the mom took to Reddit with hopes that people would take a stand either on behalf of herself or her son’s educator.

Mom recounts fondly how her kindergarten-aged son’s eyes light up when she packs his lunch with a delicious combination of kimchi, Spam, and Doritos. Although the young boy enjoys it immensely, unfortunately, his teacher isn’t as thrilled about these peculiar lunches.

Mom packs her son’s lunch with Spam and kimchi to honor the Korean heritage she holds dear. She also includes celerity sticks, dressed up with either blue cheese or goat cheese for a unique twist. For an extra kick of excitement at lunchtime, mom adds in “spicy Doritos marinated in sriracha” sauce – guaranteed to tantalize his taste buds!

Mom’s post on Reddit quickly went viral, as over 5,600 people commented expressing their thoughts about the teacher who had been deemed insensitive and racist for mentioning the Korean mom’s lunch items. But some of those with Korean heritage came to her defense – claiming that kimchi was inappropriate due to its pungent smell in a school-aged student’s packed meal.

“A few hours after I picked him up from school today, I got a phone call from his teacher,” the mother wrote on Reddit. “She made absolutely no effort to sound kind when she, in an extremely rude and annoyed tone, told me to stop packing my son such ‘disgusting and inappropriate’ lunches.”

Mom was taken aback by the teacher’s reaction and went on to share more of her story.

“I felt absolutely appalled when she said this, as the teacher and I have, up until now, always maintained a very friendly relationship. She added that the lunches I’m packing for my son are ‘very distracting for the other students and have an unpleasant odor.’ I told her that I understood her concerns, as the lunches I pack are definitely not the healthiest, but the lunches are according to my son’s preferences.”

Mom concluded her conversation with her son’s teacher by expressing gratitude for their concerns, but she was steadfast in not altering her child’s lunch due to the teacher’s racism.

“It is very important to me what my son enjoys, and I want him to like my lunches,” mom continued.

Mom later received an email from the teacher which reinforced her verdict that her son’s lunch was “Mom then received an email from the teacher who doubled down on her decision that the boy’s lunches were “inappropriate” for school.

“I haven’t responded yet and don’t want to,” mom stated. “I want to maintain a healthy relationship with my son’s teachers. I am confused as to what to do.”

Should the Mom switch up her son’s lunchbox or should the teacher just accept this as part of his regular routine?