Isn’t it frustrating when a coworker takes your lunch? Someone in South Florida stole one woman’s eggs, so she devised an ingenious method to get revenge. She decided to make a phony note claiming that her missing eggs came from a rare African bird and were never meant to be eaten. Because of the clever way this lady exposed the thief, the

So, her kid, Kojo, tweeted this photo along with the following text: “So my mom saw that her eggs were missing at work, so she posted this note. Later some dude came to her stressed af for the antidote, thinking he was going to die. ngl this is genius.”

The missive was composed in all-caps and included a bold heading that read, “ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!”

The writer then addressed “to whom it may concern” in his letter.

“I had a carton of eggs in the fridge, and it’s gone! Whoever took the eggs, please know that those eggs are not chicken eggs and are not meant for consumption. If you have not consumed them, please discard (them) but if you have (eaten them) please see me for the antidote. They are eggs from a rare bird in Africa. Thank you!”

Nsibidi artist and social entrepreneur Enoch Okeleko’s famous tweet has gone viral. Now, it has over 208,000 likes, 26,000 retweets, and about 1,500 replies from people all around the world on Twitter.

“This taking off so moral of the story, don’t touch what’s not yours!!! My mother is cracking up and appreciates all your positive comments towards her. She’s glad most people could have a good laugh.” This is Koko’s first tweet, which was followed up by another with the words “

Several people chimed in after reading the letter and Kojo’s tweet, describing how they had caught workplace pirates. Some, on the other hand, wished to take greater action.

“I would’ve taken it further… made him drink some mad concoction after he confessed and then been like ‘only joking,’” wrote one Twitter user.

A colleague recounted the tale of discovering someone stealing food at their place of business.

“Someone used all my coffee creamer at work when I happened to also be pumping milk for my baby at the time,”said a follower. “I wrote on my next bottle with sharpie saying ‘this is not coffee creamer. Stop drinking my breast milk. This is for my baby.’”

Someone else had a unique idea: “A friend of mine had milk taken from work fridge, as she had just come back to work after maternity leave, the next day put a note in the fridge that the missing milk had been expressed for her child… No more milk thieves.”

“My mother’s work colleague had her yogurt stolen all the time, and she ended up putting laxative in one of the pots. That’s how she discovered the culprit.”

What are your thoughts on workplace food thieves? Do you ever take food that isn’t yours?