All of them went to Colonia High School in Woodbridge, New Jersey, in the same decade. One hundred classmates from this high school have been diagnosed with the same type of rare brain tumor that one hundred others developed decades later. Doctors now believe over a hundred individuals from the same high school have brain cancer, suggesting they were exposed to contaminated soil at some point during the Manhattan Project’s super-secret activities, which produced the first atomic bombs.

After leaving the New Jersey high school, all of the individuals who had been wounded subsequently developed “rare” glioblastoma and were forced into cancer treatment. The connection between the high school and the outbreak of brain cancer was only made known when one man, a former student turned environmental scientist, discovered that several others from his high school were falling sick with the same uncommon sort of illness. It was simply too much to be a mere coincidence.

Twenty years ago, Al Lupiano was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His wife and his sister also had brain tumors; however, his sister died of cancer in February 2022 at the age of 44. After his sister succumbed to the disease, Lupiano resolved to discover what was causing the wonderful people of Woodbridge, New Jersey to suffer so much.

“I will not rest until I have answers,” he stated.

Students at the high school, nevertheless, have become extremely “anxious” and concerned that they may be next to a brain tumor as a result of Lupiano’s allegations.

While he fought his tumor in 2002, Lupiano didn’t believe it was connected to his high school until his wife and sister got it. When his sister Angela DeCillis died this year, he decided to research if there was a link.

He said to a TV network, “I started doing some research, and the three became five, the five became seven, the seven became 15. Fast forward to August of last year. My sister received the news she had a primary brain tumor herself. Unfortunately, it turned out to be stage 4 glioblastoma. Two hours later, we received information that my wife also had a primary brain tumor.”

Soon, Lupiano was inundated with phone calls from students and teachers who all stated they were experiencing the same type of brain tumor that he had. The majority of these people graduated between 1975 and 2000, but one victim was as recent as 2014.

“What I find alarming is there’s truly only one environmental link to primary brain tumors, and that’s ionizing radiation,” he said. “It’s not contaminated water. It’s not air. It’s not something in the soil. It’s not something done to us due to bad habits.”

Following several inquiries, Lupiano discovered that uranium ore may have been brought to the location where the high school was constructed. When the facility was shut down in 1967, the contaminated soil was relocated there – at about the same time as when construction on the high school began. Was part of it used for grounds maintenance?