A person has emerged from the shadows to claim that he was a jury member in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case. This juror stated that he sided with Depp since Heard failed to appear trustworthy during her testimony. Instead, he labeled her the “instigator” of marital conflict and claimed she was susceptible to gaslighting her former husband

According to reports, a member of the jury has turned to TikTok to offer his thoughts on the case. He wishes to remain anonymous, but he is permitted to speak out about his experiences with the trial. To assist protect those who were involved in the case, jurors’ names will be kept secret for a year after it ends.

The jury member who made the popular TikTok video claimed that while Depp was more credible as a witness, Heard appeared less so. Was this due to the fact that Depp is a seasoned actor?

“What would you say was the moment that you were like NOPE… if she’s lying about this, she’s lying about everything?” asked one TikTok user.

The alleged juror responded: “I would say the donation/ pledge to a charity.”

Heard said she gave half of her $7 million divorce settlement to the American Civil Liberties Union while she was in court. Terence Dutcher, however, testified that she did not provide his organization the money she claimed she had given to the ACLU’s COO.

Depp’s attorneys went after Heard on this point, claiming that she used the words “donated” and “pledged” synonymously despite their distinct meanings. Depp’s lawyers slammed her for making a mistake in this regard since there is a significant difference between donating to charity and promising to do so at some future date.

The jury member stated that Camille Vasquez, Depp’s lawyer, “did a great job” and that he liked her. Meanwhile, the TikTok panelist felt that Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney, who testified on behalf of her sister, harmed rather than aided the case.

“She seemed to be supporting her sister out of obligation and manipulation to me,” the supposed juror said. “Didn’t seem like she wanted to be there.”

On TikTok, someone asked the jury a question that people had been asking for weeks. Did the jury “hate” Heard?

“Not hate, but most didn’t empathize.”

In Fairfax, Virginia, the trial ran for six weeks. Heard presented evidence demonstrating Depp’s abusive nature throughout their marriage, while the famous actor attempted to build a good reputation before the jury. It succeeded. After twelve hours of deliberation, the jurors were able to reach their final decision in favor of Depp after considering his case.

“So today was my last day of being a juror on the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial,” the juror said in his first TikTok clip. “And I wish to remain anonymous, but I thought I would give some insight about my thoughts about the trial.”

What are your thoughts on the Johnny Depp defamation case?