Jehane Thomas, a popular content creator on TikTok, had been posting viral videos on the Chinese social media platform for a while. She had gained a significant following and was considered one of the most influential TikTok creators in the UK. Unfortunately, Thomas had been suffering from migraine headaches for a couple of months and passed away unexpectedly, as confirmed by her friend Alyx Reast.

Jehane Thomas, a TikTok star, passed away at the young age of thirty. This sudden loss has prompted people to come together to raise awareness about the importance of regular doctor check-ups. In memory of Jehane, her loved ones have started a GoFundMe page to support her young children.

“Despite suffering from migraines and bouts of illness for several months, her passing was totally unexpected, and we are all absolutely heartbroken,” friend Reast said.

The TikTok star was from Doncaster, England, and created content for the app from her home studio. She owned a stationery business with over eighty thousand TikTok followers. Her content included her business, personal life, and her children, three-year-old Isaac and twenty-one-month-old Elijah. She was a caring and devoted mother who loved her children very much.

However, the last few months were painful for Thomas. She shared with her TikTok followers that she had been contending with a painful condition and had been diagnosed with optic neuritis. She had been experiencing migraine headaches for approximately two years before receiving the diagnosis.

“I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis a few months ago after nearly two years of being told my migraines were stress related,” she said. “They then thought I had MS, which was ruled out (for now), but now the pressure in my head literally takes me off my feet.”

She was put on a waitlist for surgery two days before she passed away.

“I’m waiting to see if I can take one of my Frovatriptan before surgery because no other pain relief is taking this pressure or if I need to ride it out and hope the surgery gives me instant relief,” she said in a TikTok post. “I can’t lift my head without wanting to be sick, and I’m unable to walk. I need to be wheeled everywhere. That’s how bad this pain is.”

Thomas’s family is grieving over her death, as stated on the GoFundMe page.

“I’ve started this page in the hope of raising some money, so her beautiful boys can have the best childhood, make memories and make sure they are comfortable,” Reast stated.

“Nothing will bring the boys their mum back, but we hope it will bring some relief to her family, knowing how loved and supported they are,” Reast said. “Jehane — I promised I’d do what I can for those boys, so that’s what I’m vowing to do. I love you.”