When his classmates saw Peyton Littleton in the corridors of his high school, they didn’t pay him much attention. He was a quiet guy who wore glasses and kept to himself. However, when the news that the high school would be using the gymnasium for a talent event was announced, Littleton seized the chance to show off his guitar abilities with the rest of his classmates — and they were astounded.

Although rumors had circulated about Littleton’s guitar skills, no one expected him to destroy the competition as if he were a star-studded popstar when he stepped out in front of hundreds of his peers and picked up his guitar. But that’s precisely what he did when he took the stage before hundreds of his classmates and began strumming the first chord. The gymnasium went quiet as soon as he began strumming the first chord, and he blew away the competition at Central Davidson High School’s Talent Display.

In 2018, Peyton Littleton made his debut as a musician when he performed Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” He decided to cover a well-known Ed Sheeran song. If you are not familiar with this particular smash hit song, you’ll be in for a treat when Littleton performs it for his entranced audience at the school. This was no ordinary high school talent show performance. This was amazing.

He must set up his guitar and microphone before Littleton rushes into action. This is standard practice for every performance, but it shows how much room this artist has to develop since soon he’ll have roadies who’ll do all of the setup for him. He has to do the legwork to get to the majors now at the Central Davidson High School Talent Show.

He also gives his audience a little challenge. He invites his classmates and instructors to sing along if they know the words. His classmates and instructors will undoubtedly recognize “Perfect,” which is a popular song by Ed Sheeran. But that was all part of the great showman’s plan.

His classmates and pals are captivated as Littleton begins to sing. They are entirely absorbed in his singing and guitar playing. And, of course, he is fantastic.

The other kids are a little scared and do not sing along to Littleton’s request. Instead, they take out their cellphones and start recording his performance, using them as “lighters” to shower him in admiration. Not every day, does he get the chance to bask in the admiration of his classmates.

That was not the end, though. Littleton’s performance quickly spread through the internet, with thousands of new followers from all around the world springing up in its wake. If he continues to perform as he is now, he will undoubtedly succeed in the music business one day.