Aside from our fingerprints, birthmarks and moles distinguish us as individuals. And this is true for animals, too. You may not realize it now, but dogs have distinctive color patterns that set them apart from other canines.

Dogs are charming by nature. Their expressions are enough to melt our hearts. They have a sweet and kind look on their faces that makes you want to hug and kiss them. Because Golden Retrievers are one of the most intelligent and happy dog breeds, they are extremely popular all throughout the world.

Enzo Viola, a golden retriever with a black birthmark on his face, is capturing people’s attention. He is an English cream Golden Retriever named Enzo Viola. He is so famous that he has over 182,000 Instagram followers!

Enzo’s Instagram account, @mister.enzoviola, is chock-full of pictures and videos that exhibit his adorable and playful nature. And the globe adores him not just for his distinctive look, but also for his kind disposition. Enzo is a happy-go-lucky doggie who enjoys playing outside and going on adventures.

Enzo has a habit of playing fetch very intensely. In one of his videos, he can be seen laying out a really fast game of fetch. He spins around in circles and clearly enjoys every minute of it outside. His owner wrote the following about him: “The moment right before the ball is in the air is the most exciting moment in the world.” The owner then added a hashtag, #iamonewiththeballtheballisonewithme.”

Enzo isn’t just a happy dog; he’s also a talented barista. Enzo is a well-trained doggie barista. His owner proved this by posting an image of him wearing a green Starbucks apron, with the following caption: “Woke up thinking about puppicinos and hatched a plan. Borrow apron, show up for work, and make them for myself when no one is looking. Think it’ll work.” For certain, Starbucks would want to hire him if they see this wonderful photo of him for their next advertising campaign.

Golden Retrievers have already appeared in numerous films, both foreign and domestic. Some of the most renowned are “A Dog’s Purpose,” “Air Bud: World Pup,” “Homeward Bound,” and many more. But why do people consider Golden Retrievers to be one of the finest dog breeds?

Golden Retrievers are really popular as pets, despite the fact that they are big-breed dogs that have a lot of energy. Many families still choose them as pets despite their size because they tend to be very docile. They like pleasing their humans, which is why they are quite easy to train when compared to other dog breeds. They will do everything you tell them so long as you lavish them with plenty of love and praise if they perform it correctly. In addition, Golden Retrievers are a trustworthy breed.

They are quite friendly to people, especially children, but they always put their family first. That is how devoted they are.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog immediately because you saw the adorable Enzo on the internet, then think about getting a Golden Retriever as well. Check your local shelter soon since they may have a Golden Retriever who is looking for a home.