Nearly half a century ago, polio was a dreaded disease that many people contracted from the polio virus. This disease affected many people is the early part of the 20th century and before. Today, the disease has been eradicated, but being vaccinated for it is still vital for children. About 80 years ago, Alice Smith was born, and as a infant she began having health issues. She was finally diagnose with polio which affected her from that day for the rest of her life. The years were difficult for Alice, but she has now reached her golden years, and she wants to spend her remaining years in relaxation.

Alice’s parents want her to live as independently as possible, so they made all of the necessary arrangements for her to always have a home to live in. When she was in her sixties, Alice developed a mental disability along with her physical disability. Her parents tried setting her up with a sustainable living arrangement because she could never work and provide for herself. For the next decades the payments kept coming, and everything was going well for Alice. She was managing a moderate life for herself, and was very happy. She had the assistance of a caregiver who helped her maintain her normal daily activities and manage her disabilities.

Taxes on Alice’s home increased and skyrocketed to more than $8,500.00, and she was in an everyday struggle to keep up with the payments. She soon found herself in hot water because she had fallen behind with the house payments. The money hungry mortgage company was trying to force Alice out of her home. The disabled woman had no where to go, and she could not take care of herself without help. When asked by FOX News what she would say if someone asked her to move, Alice replied unequivocally, “Hell no, you go to hell”. Alicia’s family fought against the United States and tried to pay the overdue taxes, but lost the battle.

The state of New Jersey struck the family while they were vulnerable, and submitted paperwork to evict the elderly disabled Alice Smith from her home. The family even tried to get a reverse mortgage, but because of the condition of the house, they were unsuccessful. The home needed too many repairs. Alice’s brother along with his grandson devised a plan to help keep the home, and prevent Alice from being placed on the streets by Chris Christie who was Governor at that time. The two family members had a simple plan and it was to start a GoFundMe account to raise money to help Alice with the past due payments, and allow Alice to live the rest of her years in peace.

People responded quickly with donations, and soon the family had raised over $16,000.00 to help Alice remain in her home. No thanks to the state of New Jersey, this massive move by passionate people willing to donate money made a positive difference in the life of a totally disabled elderly woman by the name of Alice Smith, and allow her to continue the quality of life that she has known for many years in a home where she is surrounded by things that she is familiar with and loves, and her family can be content knowing that she is still happy.