Police officer Brian Zach from Kingman Police Department was on duty in March 2018 doing his regular patrols little did he know he was going to meet someone who would change the rest of his life. The call he received on that day seemed normal until he arrived at the site. It was a welfare check request from Kaila’s home, who he later came to adopt. The caretakers of Kaila had for some reason, physically abused the poor little girl. She had bruises on her face, dried blood on her ears, and a swollen eye. Police officer Brian was touched by the innocent and hopeless look on the little girl’s face. From her look, she was in deep pain, to say less, the girl was in a terrible state. Zach engaged the girl in a chat to know what had happened to occupy her mind as they waited for the detectives to arrive and take her to hospital. Brian and the girl bounded quickly within a few minutes, and one could tell the girl was better. She felt more secure and comfortable by holding Brian’s hand. Later, detectives arrived and took her to the hospital.

When Zach went home that day, he was disturbed by his meeting with Kaila. He didn’t know what would happen to the girl since the abusers were her caretakers. Zach felt a need to help the girl, so he discussed it with his wife, Cierra. They discussed at length, and Brian openly told Cierra he wanted the girl to join them in their family. Remember, Brian and his wife had two children already, meaning they were experienced in taking care of children, especially now that Kaila needed a lot of care and love. Criminal charges were filed against the caretakers of Kaila, and Zach made sure justice was served. On the other hand, Kaila quickly recovered, and she was discharged from the hospital. The child protective services were busy looking for someone to take care of Kaila. It is not always an easy and quick process for a child to find a placement. When Cierra and Zach learned Kaila was still awaiting placement, they decided to take care of the girl.

Kaila adapted very quickly, and within a few days, she was already calling Cierra, mom. They lived happily as one family, but Brian was uneasy because he feared the biological parents would come back looking for the girl. About two and a half years later, Zach was relieved because they officially adopted the girl. This is one of the best things that has ever happened in his life. Up to date, they are living together happily as one family. One cannot differentiate between Kaila from the other children because Zach and Cierra have loved and cared for them equally. Kingman Police Department is happy to be associated with Brian Zach as one of their team. Brian is highly recognized for his selfless service to humanity. Different people have severally recognized his positive track record, even Chief Rusty Cooper. Cooper recognizes Brian and Cierra as amazing parents since Kaila has a caring family she can call her own. Kaila had a difficult life before meeting her new caretakers, but she is now happy because her life was saved. Every child needs a loving and caring family for them to grow healthy.