When you’re looking for a handyman to help with something around the house, you want someone who will do the work quickly and effectively. That’s why one man didn’t hesitate to hire Robert Simpson, a self-described handyman who had turned to panhandling for money and employment on the street because Simpson was advertising his twenty-five years of expertise in that area.

Simpson comes from Louisville, Kentucky, where many people were shocked with ruin as the coronavirus pandemic swept through the American South and Midwest. Because Simpson was simply looking to get back on his feet, he held a sign advertising his handyman services, which was noticed by at least one person who wanted him for a specific job.

The sign says, “Handyman. 25 years exp. Need work.” Simpson also included a phone number for people to call if they were interested in hiring him for any off-job around the house.

Unlike most people with signs on the side of the road, Simpson was not seeking for a handout. He was simply attempting to get the word out that he was looking for employment. By placing his sign in front of thousands of individuals, he improved his chances of being hired for a job – which might keep him afloat.

WDRB tracked down Simpson after his remarkable tale went viral, and he was eager to talk about it. Simpson was 64 years old and needed work in order to help support his large family during a critical pandemic period.

Simpson’s family had to move due to financial difficulties. They had become homeless, and Simpson received a disability check that paid him about $1,000 per month. That isn’t much money when you’re trying to feed a family. Nonetheless, Simpson kept his head up and maintained a positive outlook in the face of adversity.

“We have to pay rent every day, and it costs $55 to $60 to stay there, and I’m running short on money. Didn’t have work.”

After COVID-19 changed his life, Simpson had been working odd jobs to make up for the gaps in his earnings. The epidemic, on the other hand, made it more difficult for him to obtain employment, putting his family in a very dangerous position. Simpson needed to find a way out of the hotel and into a more stable living situation with a girlfriend and her six-year-old kid to support.

He stood along Interstate 64 in Louisville, Kentucky, near the Hurstbourne exit, desperate. He waited a week before being offered any handyman work.

Then a Good Samaritan captured Simpson’s license plate and posted it to Instagram: “This man was out on Hurstbourne (Louisville, Ky) today. He isn’t asking for money. He just wants to work. If you know any businesses that may be in need of a handyman, please pass his number on.”

Simpson was hired by Kyle Kark of Greenstar Home Remodeling to assist with some renovations.

To return to work was a dream come true for Simpson.

“It feels excellent. It’s a blessing.”