It’s one thing to become sick with COVID-19, but it can be a lot worse to have to endure other problems along with it. In fact, one woman named Avery Anderson became ill with the virus’ Delta variant and suffered from a severe side effect when she took an acne drug. Besides this, she shared some disturbing pictures of what happened to her on social media. As if having COVID-19 wasn’t enough, Avery Anderson from Lincoln, Nebraska also tolerated cracked, dry lips due to the acne drug called Accutane. And when she contracted the Delta variant of COVID-19, her lips became morbid in appearance. Her lips were covered in painful sores, and the scabbing turned into a black mess. The pain only made dealing with COVID-19 more difficult. Because of the extreme pain, she was enduring, she started taking morphine. Since she was a makeup artist, she had noticed she had a horrible problem.

Furthermore, Avery decided to share her struggle with others by posting a video on social media. Indeed, this video of her trip to the emergency room went viral with over 3.4 million views. This happened because viewers were interested in how the ugly, yellow scabs on her lips changed to a horrendous black color. In the video, she was laying in a hospital bed and said sticking out her tongue was agonizing. While she already experienced similar side effects from the acne drug, she’d never fathomed anything like this could happen. The difference between her photos when she had the lip problem and afterward is in stark contrast to each other. For instance, while before she looked as though she was having a tough time opening her mouth, afterward she looked as beautiful as could be.

Not only did she have COVID-19, but she also had an ear infection, sinus infection, and strep. She literally felt like she was dying at the time until her lips began to take a turn for the worst. Avery would like people to be careful because what she went through was no joke. Since she had the cracks in her lips, COVID-19 manifested in her mouth. Her lip problem was a rare fungal infection called mucormycosis. As a result of this infection, a person’s nose or mouth can break out with black lesions. While some may need surgery, others might only need to take antifungal medication. To be certain, any young woman would rather forget such a torturous nightmare so she could go on living her life as soon as possible. While some people take great care to social distance appropriately, others don’t take COVID-19 seriously enough. Consequently, this could become one of their biggest challenges. This is why it’s important to remember to live by the rules or else something horrible might happen