Christine Quinn, the star of “Selling Sunset,” recently received some very bad news. While she was enjoying herself on a month-long vacation, someone decided to enter her home in Beverly Hills and steal $120,000 worth of jewelry.

“Selling Sunset” is a real estate reality show that airs on Netflix. It was created by Adam DiVello, the man who also created “The Hills.”

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I Carousel about you to the moon and back.. ??

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Christine could see who robbed her because the culprit was caught on video. It turned out to be someone who had the opportunity to steal the keys to her home. Security cameras have regulation issues, so Christine isn’t at liberty to say the robber’s name.

Christine arrived home a couple of days ago and learned that her jewelry wasn’t in her safe.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating the theft, but they don’t have any leads as of yet. The burglar didn’t force his or her way into the home, and only Christine’s housekeeper has a set of keys to the house.

Christine was on a month-long, fabulous vacation that took her all over the world to France, Greece, Bali and Italy when the robbery occurred.

Christine’s fans voiced their support on Twitter, and she thanked them for the support and to let everyone know exactly what is going on.

It appears that the security camera malfunctioned because it only recorded and stored video for 10 days. Christine was away on vacation for 30 days.

Christine covered herself extremely well before she left. Every room had a security camera, but leaving nothing to chance, she ensured that every closet would have a video camera as well. Even so, Christine is kicking herself now because she didn’t insure any of the items that are missing.

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Under the Tuscan Sun.?

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Christine Quinn has more fans than anyone else on “Selling Sunset” because of her personality. People love her straightforward one-liners, but they scream with laughter every time she rolls her eyes.

Jason and Bret Oppenheim are the twins who own The Oppenheim Group, a real estate brokerage that is highly prominent in Los Angeles. “Selling Sunset” is a structured reality show that presents all of the group’s machinations to a very interested public.

Chrishell Hartley joined the cast as the outsider, and she adds to it because she has difficulties fitting into the world of real estate. In addition to that, Christine became her nemesis.

The real estate agents on this show are in competition to be the one to sell a 20,0000-square-foot mansion that has a fantastic view of all of Los Angeles. The one who manages to do so will be the owner of a $1.2 million commission.

The show enjoyed a very successful first season, and cast members hope that this will mean that they will have a second season. Other cast members include Davina Potratz, Maya Vander, Heather Rae Young and Mary Fitzgerald.

Chrishell has been urging everyone to watch the show because Netflix hasn’t made an announcement yet as to whether or not they would have a second season. Chrishell thinks that it looks like the show is going very well, so she is confident that this real estate gang is going to continue with the franchise and be given a season two.