Recently, a fishing trip had a variety of women catching big fish from the back of their double motorboat. The fish had many different types and colors, and the women were totally pumped to reel in some epic catches.

The event was referred to just as Girls Trip. The girls’ names included Cheyenne and Erica, and the main host is named Luiza. They threw back some rather larger fish since they were doing so well. The event showed Cheyenne reeling in a fish quickly from the back of the deep fishing boat. The whole event was accompanied by hard-hitting techno music as well, adding to the excitement.

At one point, you also see Luiza saying how fun it is catching groupers with the girls. She hauls in a huge one with black spots. Luiza talks about how they should measure the large one that they caught. A man on board said that the grouper wasnt exactly quite 24 inches, so they had to throw him back They also show Erica pulling in a large fish as well. The girls all say that its a nice one, and the man says its almost 27 inches, so they can keep it Erica talks about how its dinner, and they put it in the icebox.

The girls also all squeal and get happy when Luiza says that its the one Ive been waiting for all day. It takes her a little time to get it into the boat, but its a bright reddish one. It turned out to be a Red Snapper, however. This means they had to let it go since it wasnt Red Snapper season. The next bits play some epic music and show the little boat on the ocean from above as all the girls bend over and struggle with their lines while they reel in fish. The girl with the yellow top gets another Red Snapper but has to throw it back since its not the season. The fish always swim off quickly whenever they are put back.

The fishers also put out nets to catch oysters. Another one of the women manages to haul up what she hopes is a keeper. When they finally get it into the boat, its a large fish and it turns out to be 23 and a half, which is too small, so they put it back into the ocean again. At this point, Luiza struggles with a heavy one, and the girls all say Go Luiza, she says that it seems like a good one, and please be a good one while she fights to haul it in. Luiza says she needs Jimmys help for sure when they haul it in.

It turns out to be a keeper. At the same time, the woman with the yellow top hauls in a Red Snapper but has to release it, even though its a large one. The girls talk about how theyre in a good spot because they keep hauling in fish after fish. There are some more shots of the fish swimming off, as well as some being put in the cooler, the ones they can keep.