When they go out to eat, most people only have to worry about what they want to order but at the turkey leg hut in Houston, it seems they now might also have to worry about a new dress code to which they must conform. A few months back, they posted on their site that they now have a new dress code but it’s been sparking some backlash due to the fact that it is being perceived as racist. This is due to the fact that it bans a lot of the attire that is often worn by the African American community such as wave caps, due rags, shower caps & baggy clothes. While some think it is a good idea so people don’t have to look at any ass cracks while they’re eating, many in the black community think they are being targeted for the clothes they wear. In the tweet, they said they are a family-friendly establishment & are putting this dress code in place to ensure that all of their patrons are dressed respectfully at the turkey leg hut.

They went on to say they have gotten a lot of complaints from some of the guests in regards to the clothes some of the other patrons were wearing & this is why they felt the need to put this dress code in place. In the tweet, they mentioned that they are not a club & as such feel the need to maintain certain standards. Finally, they told all of the patrons that they appreciate their cooperation as they strive to provide the best service they can for all their customers. Though they have gotten a lot of complaints about the fact that it does seem to be a racist policy, Nakia Price, the current owner, has continued to double down, saying that she has to do right by her customers no matter what the cost may be in the long run. She says it is unfortunate they even have to address it in the first place but because they are a family establishment, this is something they feel they must do for the good of their patrons.

She has said that the dress code is not meant to target anyone in particular or offend any of the races out there but rather to provide guests with the best experience they can have. In the statement, she said they have always been an inclusive place for all & they will continue to take into consideration the needs of their patrons as they do their best to provide a safe experience for all of their guests & the community at large. It has become popular over the years due to the fact that they put a spin on an old classic such as a turkey leg with crawfish mac & cheese. They also give their guests the option to use a hookah & have live music for those who want to listen to it. While this has become one of the big selling points for them over the years, the fact that they have put into effect this new dress code seems to lead many to seek nourishment elsewhere as they protest what they perceive to be an attack on their race. Whether this works, only time will tell.