The job of a repo man is one that is sometimes heartbreaking. They take vehicles away from people who are only trying to get ahead in life.

Jim Ford is one of the people who takes cars from those who can’t make the payments any longer. He tries to let the families get any belongings out of the car that they can before the car is taken away.

Jim got to the home of an elderly couple, and when he started talking to them, his heart started to break.

They told Jim that the high hospital bills and prescriptions simply set them back on the car payment. They weren’t intentionally not paying for the car.

They only had the one car, and they needed it to get back and forth to appointments and to run errands when needed. After hearing the couple’s story, Jim knew that he couldn’t just let them not have a car. He did have to take the car from the property.

However, Jim made a few phone calls, and a short time later, he delivered the car back to the couple. Jim made sure that the car was paid off so that they wouldn’t have to worry about the payment.

The car was even cleaned before it was taken back to the couple.