Doctors don’t necessarily always have the best interests of their patients in mind, despite what many people would like to believe.

One father from Algeria knows this to be true more than most since he recently had to deal with doctors telling him they wanted to remove his daughter from life support systems that were keeping her alive.

The father and mother of the little girl, whose name was Marwa, did not agree with the conclusion the doctors had reached, so they started a Facebook petition to help prevent the courts from ruling against their daughter.

Marwa was only 1 year old at the time, and she had a twin sister named Safa. Safa was perfectly healthy, but Marwa was in a medically induced coma. She was suffering from a viral infection that was known to cause neurological symptoms.

The petition ended up receiving more than 70,000 signatures, and the family knew that they were in the right.

Their daughter simply needed time to heal, and they felt she was improving every day. Even when the court ruled that Marwa should be left on life support for an additional two months, the doctors still tried to tell the parents that nothing could be done.

Less than 10 days after the court’s decision, Marwa was awake once again. Her father captured an incredible video of the child listening and smiling as he spoke to her.

It was clear that she was responding to his voice and his face, and the small girl continued to improve every day after she emerged from the coma.