If you’re looking for a new way to do breakfast, look no further than adding butter to your coffee.

This foodie trend initially sounds like a viral internet prank (think cinnamon challenge), but actually provides numerous health and time saving benefits.

For coffee lovers on the go, adding two tablespoons of butter to your daily cup is an easy replacement for a full breakfast meal. The healthy fats in butter are anti-inflammatory and can help prevent heart disease and other degenerative brain diseases.

Drinking your coffee with butter in the morning helps train your metabolism to start burning fat first thing in the morning.

Counter intuitively, one of the fats found in butter can actually help reduce overall body fat, particularly in overweight individuals.

Along with boosting your metabolism and strengthening your overall health, coffee with butter can also help you stay energized throughout the day.

Studies have shown this combination gives you energy for up to six hours without a hard crash at the end. Not all brands of butter are created equal or should be added to your coffee.

Grass-fed butter is the best bet for increasing your overall health. Look for the brand Kerrygold at your grocery store.

Cows fed soy or other products aren’t as healthy and their butter may have unhealthy fats you don’t want to be adding to your diet.

Give this trend a try if you’re looking for an added health and energy boost from your morning joe.