After the unfolding of the coronavirus pandemic, many social events have been postponed. Although relatively harmless order, this cancelation has caused families such as the McEntire family to postpone funerals. The mother of Reba McEntire, Jacqueline McEntire, passed away on March 14, 2020 and in this event her celebration of life is just now able to take place. The photos of the funeral funeral can be found on social media. The daughter of Jacqueline McEntire wanted to make sure to spread her legacy to others and make them aware of how important she was to her family.

Reba remembers her mother as very vibrant and always on top of things. She prides herself in knowing that her mother has received salvation despite her having cancer. Her speech at the funeral provided the funeral attendees a first-hand account on what Jacqueline meant to her family and friends and how liberating it is for her to join them in Heaven. The speech gave the word, “cancer,” less of a negative and overpowering stance and Reba mentioned that, “cancer might think it won the battle but we’re giving God all the credit on selecting the time for her to go home to Him.” It was a breath of fresh air to those who may be experiencing hardship due to cancer in their personal life.

The conversation about mother McEntire continued on social media. Another McEntire daughter, Susie decided to post a statement on Facebook regarding the passing of her mother. “…Say Hi to daddy for me. Kate and I…will miss your grace..I love you…” Her words down-poured to her Facebook audience as she proclaimed how influential Jacqueline McEntire was on the thousands of people who have come across her existence. Susie describes her mother as very generous-hearted and witty. She mentions that she will miss the grace and common sense that she shared with others and the many other qualities that she has embodied. Both sisters, Susie and Reba, speak out about the story of their mother and share heartfelt quotes about their love for her.

The funeral was not supposed to be delayed but it was interrupted by the recent coronavirus outbreak that seems to be taking over the year of 2020. Many countries are being impacted by this virus and many families are unable to join in social gatherings. The quarantine orders had prevented the burial from occurring at the original date.

In order to let attendees know about the change in plans for the funeral, Susie posted on Facebook that the funeral service would be held at a later date. She responsibly updated those who care most during a time that is hard for millions of people around the world. She did mention that the ceremony would definitely happen even though the service was “indefinitely” postponed. Reba made sure to support and uplift others by spreading positivity through the photos she posted online. She has also made a song called “You Never Gave Up On Me” to commemorate her mother’s legacy.