The state of Alabama has seen a new growing controversy as one of the stars of Will and Grace recently commented on a sign put up by a church in the city of Birmingham. This church was a Birmingham Baptist Church in the sign that they erected had a message about individuals of color who would be voting for Trump. This message read “A black vote for Trump is mental illness.”

When Debra Messing first read the sign she immediately went to her social media account and tweeted thank you hashtag Alabama. On the other side of the sign for that church, there was an additional message. This message was meant for individuals that would be voting for from of Caucasian heritage. The message on the other side of the sign read “A white vote for Trump is pure racism”.

A Statement from Michael Jordan the Pastor of the New Era Baptist Church
The pastor of the church who is named Michael Jordan has released a public statement on what his intentions behind the message originally were. He stated that he was simply trying to encourage people to get out and vote. However, he was also clear to say that he wanted people to vote for anyone other than our current president.

He originally believed that the local community around him would be more supportive of the message then it turned out they would be. Since he originally put the message out he has found several individuals that have come forward to make a statement against the sign.

Public Reaction to the New Era Baptist Church Sign Message

While there certainly have been some people who are supportive of it the same way that Ms. Messing has been there are also a large number of people who are anything but supportive. In fact, within just a few days of putting the sign up a local man who is a supporter of Trump, Daxton Kirk, made a complaint to his city hall. He wanted to see if there was anything that could be done about getting the sign taken down. Simultaneously miss Messing was receiving attacks from various supporters of Trump on her Twitter account. People were stating that she had made a mistake with her original tweet that supported that the church is a sign.

Miss Messing was unhappy with Trump already has only one day before there had been an issue with a special celebrity fundraising event that had tickets on sale for anywhere from $1000-$10,000 per person. In her response against the public backlash that has since erupted from her initial tweet, she has stated that if she is ever killed during a mass shooting that she wants to be cremated.

If she is cremated and she would like to have her ashes thrown into the eyes of Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnel. She is not going to back down from supporting her political views and recommends that others do the same. Although she did receive a lot of negative feedback from fans who criticized her support of the use of violence she has not expressed any type of regret for her statements or actions as of yet.