Bullying has long been an issue that plagues many people; especially young students. In instances where a child is being bullied by a peer, the parent(s) sometimes feel the responsibility to intervene. This was recently the case for a young boy and his mother in the United Kingdom. A noticeably upset mom was recently recorded in a confrontation with her sons alleged bully. In the cell phone footage, the mother from London is seen inches away from the believed-to-be bully. She proceeds to raise her voice and yells explicits at the youth.

Her words towards him were a warning, as she mentions in the footage that has gone viral. Im warning you that if you touch my son again, I will rip your f****ng face off; are her first words on the captured film. The mother appeared to be very concerned and protective of her son. The alleged bully is the person who is holding the cellphone and recording. As the angry woman approaches the boy, he is heard saying you cannot touch me and to stop getting close. She then takes her hat off and puts her hair in a ponytail; while replying to him that she will not stop getting close. The mother proceeds to curse at the boy holding the cellphone, stating that if he touches her son once more time then she will rip his mother and fathers face off.

The video of the incident was posted online during the first week of November 2019; and quickly went viral. There has been mixed emotions about the video, amongst the footages viewers. Thousands of the videos viewers expressed their feelings about the situation on twitter and other social media outlets. Many of these people praised the mothers actions towards the alleged bully. One person stated that the mother did right; and that the bully knows the law but cant treats others right. Another commented on the video that the mother probably contacted the school plenty of times with no results.

Out of the thousands of comments on the video, most of them were in support of the angered mother. Many agreed that in order to stop bullying that isnt being intervened by school, the parents must assert themselves. There were also social media users who did not agree with the mothers tactics in this situation. One person mentioned that even if her child is getting bullied, threatening a youth in public could could get her in trouble. Another Twitter user stated that bullying should not be tolerated, but also points out that a parent behaving like that should not be tolerated either. Although the video was posted on numerous websites, the mother in the video has still not been identified; neither has the alleged bully.