With warmer weather comes the opportunity to grow a garden. Those who are born with a green thumb often hold a few gardening tips up their sleeves, but this latest trick has puzzled many. The basic steps to planting are as follows; digging, burying, and watering. Plants must also be given an adequate amount nutrients in order to thrive, especially when growing vegetables.

Skip the bag of fertilizer this year and swing by the fridge instead. All this life hack takes is a single banana and raw egg. Simply dig your hole, setting the banana and egg at the bottom. No smashing or cracking is necessary. Fill the hole halfway up with dirt, then place your plant above your makeshift fertilizer.

Fill the hole, then water. Over time, the nutrients will slowly release from the banana and egg as they decompose, creating an optimal environment for your garden to thrive. This method is a natural alternative to buying chemical fertilizers that might contain harmful elements, making it great for your health.

For a fun experiment, use the banana and egg method on one tomato plant. Bury another without the banana and egg, then compare their quality of growth and taste.