Moms and dads frequently have to deal with unruly youngsters. No matter how much they urge their children to clean up after themselves, teenagers have a way of making everything they touch a mess and out of order. However, one expert, Neuroscientist Dr. Dean Burnett, urges parents not to instruct their teens to clean up their room or call their home “like a hotel,” because it might alienate the teen and make them feel like they’re not as much a part of the family.

According to the psychologist, parents must be more flexible with their adolescent children because they are still developing and require more than adults. Certain phrases like “why do you treat this place like a hotel?” and “How was school today?” are said to be very harmful for adolescent kids, alienating them from the parent-child relationship.

Adolescents are going through an enormous amount of changes, and their parents must be patient. It’s tough for parents to watch their children struggle, but it’s critical to keep in mind that adolescents are still developing and learning.

While giving a talk at the Royal Institution in London, Dr. Burnett said: “Instead of asking why they treat the house like a hotel, parents might want to bargain and offer them something in return if they tidy their room.”

The most frequent question, “how was school today?” might be very distressing for teens since school is a stressful environment for many. He stated that the simple inquiry, “How are you?” is a lot better option than asking about their day because it won’t put the youngster out.

Dr. Burnett stated: “Harry Enfield’s teenage sketch character Kevin is the stereotype of a grumpy adolescent for many parents. But look at him more closely, and you can see all the hallmarks of serious sleep deprivation, from grumpiness and a short temper to lack of focus.”

According to the expert, parents should cease nagging their children about cleaning up their rooms and instead make an effort to be more empathetic. He stated: “It’s not just Kevin. Most teenagers are chronically sleep-deprived, to the point where it’s now considered a major public health concern in many countries. And it’s not just because they’re staying up all night on social media or playing video games.”

If you’re a parent who has to deal with a messy teenager on a daily basis, it’s time to step back and try something new. After all, your kid is still developing and transforming, which means they need your support more than ever before.

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