At a Texas megachurch, three abortion campaigners removed their clothes to protest celebrity pastor Joel Osteen’s sermon.

At Lakewood Church in Orlando, Florida, singer Chris Tomlin had just concluded a prayer and worshippers were about to settle into their seats when one lady rose from her seat, undressed herself and yelled, “It’s my body, my f–king choice,” according to Twitter videos.

A second woman got up, took off her dress, and yelled, “Overturn Roe! Hell no!” A third person also undressed and repeated the slogans.

The activists wore white sports bras with green handprints on them and waved green bandannas — the color representing the pro-choice movement — as security escorted them out of the building to cheers from congregants.

The three, pro-choice advocates from Texas Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, said they chose to protest at the megachurch because anti-abortion activists are not afraid to protest against women in their safe spaces, such as physicians’ offices and clinics.

“Christians are not afraid to bother us at health care clinics, at doctors’ offices [where we’re] trying to get essential health care, so why the f–k wouldn’t we bother you in your own home where the laws are coming from,” said one of the women, who continued their demonstration outside Lakewood Church.

The protesters were demonstrating against a recently leaked Supreme Court draft ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade. The decision would repeal the federal law safeguarding abortion rights and allow states to establish their own rules and laws.

The church has not responded to media inquiries about the demonstration. The 11 a.m. service live stream, which the protestors halted, is no longer available online.