Any adult male today will tell you that one of their biggest concerns is thinning hair. In reality, millions of males throughout the world are concerned about losing their hair. They believe that being bald makes them seem older and less manly.

However, according to a new study, men shouldn’t be concerned about losing their hair. This research was conducted by Albert E. Mannes of the University of Pennsylvania. He’s also bald, which is rather unexpected.

The researchers conducted a study on 60 participants who were shown a number of comparison photos of men with various appearances. The research also revealed that some women think bald males are more masculine and powerful.

The men in the first series had hair on their heads. The same individuals were shown in the second picture, but all of their hair had been shaved off and they were completely bald. Naturally, the second batch of photographs was altered digitally. However, it provided a decent representation of what a person without hair would look like.

Men with bald heads are seen as more mature, successful, masculine, and intelligent than their counterparts, according to recent scientific research. According to the study’s findings, being bald lowers your perceived height by about an inch. Some individuals perceive bald men to be more socially dominant and non-threatening.

“I’m not saying that shaving your head makes you successful, but it starts the conversation that you’ve done something active,” says the bald tech entrepreneur and author Seth Godin in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

According to researchers at Barry University in Florida, baldness is becoming increasingly popular these days. Dr. Frank Muscarella stated, “I speculated that male pattern baldness evolved as an appeasement signal and signaled benign, non-threatening dominance.”

Dr. Muscarella continued, “It could be speculated that although the characteristic of baldness decreases a man’s perceived physical attractiveness, it increases his perceived social dominance. There is a large body of literature that shows that although women like physically attractive men, they are also very attracted to signs of high social dominance.”

According to a second study conducted at the University of Saarland, their findings reveal that not only do these shaven men appear to be more successful to others but also that they come across as cleverer. Bald guys are generally older and are perceived by women as being smarter and wiser.

That is most likely why there are so many preferred male Hollywood celebrities who don’t mind their thinning hair. They are actually adored by their followers as a result of this.

The top ten on our list of the greatest bald actors include Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, and Tom Cruise. Despite their bare heads, these superstars have had tremendously successful careers. In fact, this has given them a distinct persona in the roles they play.

Show this article to your spouse if he’s concerned about his hair thinning. This will offer him comfort that male baldness does not have to be a cause for worry. He may opt to completely shave his head if hairstyling can’t hide the thinning areas!