A civilian police volunteer in Los Angeles had a terrifying encounter when he was attacked by a swarm of aggressive bees, leading to a dramatic collapse captured on video. The incident unfolded in the Encino neighborhood, and the intense bee attack was filmed by a news helicopter from Fox 11’s SkyFox.

The volunteer, wearing a police uniform, was attempting to enter his marked car around 4 p.m. when he was suddenly surrounded by the swarm of bees. In the footage, he can be seen desperately swatting at the insects, trying to fend them off and escape their onslaught. However, despite his efforts, he was repeatedly stung and lost his balance, ultimately falling to the ground and hitting his head on the asphalt, resulting in cuts.

Struggling to regain his footing, the volunteer displayed remarkable resilience, moving his legs and attempting to pull himself up. The severity of the situation was highlighted by Izak Kharrazi from All Valley Honey & Bee, an insect removal company called in for assistance, who described the cloud of bees as being “mad as could be.” Kharrazi emphasized that such aggressive behavior was not typical for bees.

The volunteer, stung dozens of times, was promptly hospitalized and reported to be in stable condition. Another individual working on a nearby house also suffered multiple bee stings, underscoring the extent of the bee infestation.

To ensure the safety of residents, the police cordoned off the neighborhood and advised everyone to remain indoors, keeping all doors and windows closed until professional bee handlers arrived to address the situation. It is believed that the bees originated from a large hive in a home undergoing renovations within the neighborhood. According to bee experts, the workers may have inadvertently disturbed the hive, triggering the bees’ frenzied response.

This distressing incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected dangers that can arise in everyday situations. We extend our well wishes to the brave volunteer and hope for his speedy recovery. The incident also highlights the importance of professional assistance and expertise in dealing with potentially dangerous encounters with bees and other wildlife.