Amidst the highly anticipated premiere of “Jeanne du Barry,” Johnny Depp’s first film since his victorious legal battle with Amber Heard, the actor was overwhelmed by the unwavering support of his fans. On Tuesday, Depp graced the Cannes Film Festival with his presence, where he portrayed King Louis XV in this captivating flick directed by Maïwenn. As he elegantly walked the red carpet, Depp undoubtedly stole the hearts of his adoring fans, who showered him with praise.

Stepping into the spotlight after his lengthy legal dispute with ex-wife Amber Heard, the embattled actor experienced an unforgettable moment at the premiere of “Jeanne Du Barry,” the opening night film at the Cannes Film Festival. The crowd in the South of France erupted in an ecstatic standing ovation, lasting an incredible seven minutes, as they wholeheartedly applauded Depp’s portrayal of King Louis XV. Overwhelmed by the tremendous response, Depp fought back tears and acknowledged the audience, waving to those in the balcony.

Sharing in the emotional atmosphere, director and star Maïwenn couldn’t contain her tears when given the opportunity to speak. As she briefly took the microphone, she expressed her desire to share this pivotal moment with her partner, producer, and the entire team involved in the challenging production. The film, which faced financing difficulties, received its well-deserved recognition at the festival, leaving a lasting impact on both the cast and crew.

Depp’s arrival in Cannes was nothing short of a grand spectacle, with thousands of devoted fans eagerly awaiting his presence. Outside the Palais, they brandished signs, trembled with excitement, and hoped to catch a glimpse of their idol. Depp graciously spent five minutes interacting with fans, working his way down the line, before proceeding along the carpet.

Set in 18th century France, “Jeanne du Barry” revolves around the captivating story of Jeanne Vaubernier, a working-class woman who ascends the social hierarchy to become King Louis XV’s lover. However, her humble origins ostracize her in the court of the king. Alongside Depp’s remarkable performance, the film features a talented supporting cast including Benjamin Lavernhe, Pierre Richard, Melvil Poupaud, and Pascal Greggory.

Even before the opening night of Cannes, Maïwenn’s latest creation sparked controversy due to Depp’s involvement. Festival director Thierry Fremaux addressed the situation, emphasizing his commitment to the freedom of thought, speech, and acting within the bounds of the law. He acknowledged that if Depp or the film had faced bans, their presence at Cannes would not be a topic of discussion. Fremaux, personally disinterested in the highly publicized trial, expressed his appreciation for Depp as an actor while leaving the reasons for his selection to be answered by Maïwenn.

As Depp made his way to the red carpet outside the Palais, his fans erupted with thunderous applause, demonstrating their unwavering support. Adorned with posters and even shrines dedicated to their idol, they ecstatically screamed as Depp graciously signed autographs.

Currently seeking U.S. distribution, “Jeanne du Barry” aims to captivate audiences beyond the Cannes Film Festival, leaving a lasting impression with its powerful narrative and outstanding performances.