In the glitzy world of Hollywood, the trend of “nepo babies” continues to make headlines as celebrity offspring ride their famous parents’ coattails into the spotlight. However, a new wave of A-listers is bucking the trend by refusing to pamper their children with easy access to their vast fortunes.

One notable example is actor Jeff Goldblum, worth a cool $40 million, who recently made waves by announcing his decision to cut off financial support for his two sons, Charlie and River. Speaking on Bruce Bozzi’s podcast Table for Two, Goldblum emphasized the importance of instilling a strong work ethic in his boys, insisting that they must “row their own boats” without relying on his wealth to pave the way for them.

Similarly, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, with an estimated net worth of $220 million, made it clear that his six kids won’t be living off his wealth. In a bid to prevent spoiling them, Ramsay even goes so far as to make his children fly economy while he and his wife enjoy the luxury of first-class travel.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, sitting comfortably on a fortune of roughly $500 million, takes a no-nonsense approach with his children, reminding them, “We ain’t rich. I’m rich.” O’Neal requires his kids to present detailed plans for any financial requests, including incentivizing them with the promise of a “big bag” if they pursue higher education.

Tech mogul Bill Gates, valued at a staggering $128 billion, and his ex-wife Melinda echo this sentiment by encouraging their three children to forge their own paths. Gates emphasizes the importance of education and self-sufficiency, ensuring that his kids have the means to succeed on their own terms.

Even music icon Sting, known for his hits like “Every Breath You Take,” is adamant that his $550 million fortune won’t be a safety net for his six children. He stresses the value of hard work and independence, with his kids fully aware that they must earn their own way in the world.

Power couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, boasting a combined net worth of $275 million, share a similar philosophy of not leaving their wealth to their two children. Instead, they express a willingness to support entrepreneurial ventures with solid business plans, instilling a sense of drive and ambition in their offspring.

From Simon Cowell’s charitable aims to Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropic ventures, a growing number of celebrities are prioritizing the importance of raising grounded, hardworking children who understand that true success comes from personal effort rather than inherited wealth.

By promoting a culture of self-reliance and determination, these celebrities are challenging the traditional notion of generational wealth and paving the way for a new era of independent success stories in Hollywood.