A woman who describes herself as a “fat, hot babe” is operating a profitable OnlyFans page from her home where she posts risqué photographs. She has faced significant backlash from individuals who feel that she shouldn’t be sharing these types of photos online due to her being overweight and wearing size 6XL clothing. The model named Rosie Jean from the United States believes that her OnlyFans account proves she has content people want to see and are willing to pay for. She has no plans to stop using the platform.

The model, who is 31 years old, feels confident in her own skin and shares content on social media using the handle @fatrosephoenix. She stands up to any negative comments about her size or decision to create online content for others to see.

Rosie Jean had some health issues in her youth and used a mobility aid full-time, but now she is able to move around more freely without needing a cane.

“My mere existence as a fat, confident, pretty woman threatens so many types of people and their perception of themselves,” she said.

“I’m sexy for who I am, what I have done, and what I represent. I am gorgeous for the love I have in my heart. It’s just a bonus that I’m a fat hot babe, honestly. My mere existence as a fat, confident, pretty woman threatens so many types of people and their perception of themselves. They hate themselves so much they can not FATHOM how I love myself. And frankly, that’s a failure of their own self-awareness, not a failing of mine.”

She continued: “Fat is a state of being; it isn’t a mood. I’m not insulted when anyone calls me fat. I AM Fatrosephoenix; I am beautiful, I am smart, and I am defined by so much more than my body. I also choose to show my body in the pursuit of advocacy. I refuse to ever be put in a box.”

Rosie Jean’s content is greatly admired by her social media followers who frequently share her work and express their love and appreciation.

“I’m so inspired by you. You’re very special.”

Another person said: “You are so much more than your fat, beautiful, and flawless body.”

Someone else added: “You look absolutely beautiful; love your physique.”

Another person wrote, “You look amazing. I wish I could be as pretty as you.”

The plus-size model said, “I’m also intelligent, motivated, and ready to step more into my real long-term goals. Because I already am hot, I already own my body; I already am living this life that I am so thankful for.”

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