A sex ban should be put on men who eat meat, according to an animal rights group.

According to the German division of ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA),’ consuming sausages and schnitzel is a sign of toxic masculinity, which is killing the planet.

The non-profit group has urged women to go on a sex strike “to save the planet.”

On Friday’s episode of Sky News Australia’s NewsDay, which may be watched on Flash, Laura Weyman-Jones, PETA Australia’s marketing manager, commented on the ban.

PETA Australia said its statement was created to start a conversation and that “we really don’t care about your sex lives”.

“What we do care about is the planet and the animals we share it with and those animals are dying by the billions in the crudest ways imaginable for burgers and sandwich filling,” she said.

“It’s a conversation starter. Otherwise, I guess you wouldn’t have invited us on to talk about it.”

The Sky News presenter Tom Connell confronted PETA’s press officer as to whether all of her statements are “conversation starters,” asking: “But you’re not seriously saying there should be any sort of ban?”

“We really don’t care what people do or don’t do in the bedroom, it’s none of my business,” she answered.

“But like you said it’s a great conversation starter otherwise you wouldn’t have called us. This is a pressing topic we all need to be talking more about.”

Ms. Weyman-Jones recommended people “take everything with a bit of humor” and see it as “very good advice.”

“We know that vegan men get more matches on dating apps because compassion is attractive,” she stated.

“We know that artery-clogging meat increases the risk of erectile dysfunction and every meaty meal is throwing us closer to an environmental catastrophe, there’s absolutely nothing sexy about it.”

A study published by the online scientific journal PLOS ONE found that, on average, men emitted 41 percent more greenhouse gases than women. The primary driver of this difference was meat consumption.

“Who doesn’t know them, the suburban fathers handling beer bottles and barbecue tongs, who sizzle 70-cent sausages on their 700-euro grill. The zucchini provided by the visitor is viewed with suspicion and tolerated only reluctantly,” Daniel Cox, Team Leader Campaigns at PETA Germany stated.

“The fact that Germany’s ‘grill masters’ believe they have to prove their masculinity to themselves and their peers by consuming meat does not only happen to the animal’s chagrin.”

“Now there’s scientific evidence that toxic masculinity also harms the climate. So a hefty meat tax of 41 percent for men would be appropriate. A ban on sex or reproduction for all meat-eating men would also be expedient in this context.”