A morbidly obese patient in Great Britain is refusing to follow his physicians’ new calorie-controlled diet to save his life. The 32-year-old Camberley, Surrey native, who is the fattest person in Britain, has struggled to live a normal existence for years since he gained so much weight and could not alter his habits in order to lose it naturally, owing to his immobility.

Jason Holton was stuck at home for the last seven years of his life and recently had a close brush with death on June 4, 2022, when he suffered mini-strokes. If not for medical intervention, the condition could have killed him. The blood clot that caused the strokes is made worse by sedentary living and overeating, two things Jason has been struggling with for years.

Rescue workers couldn’t take Holton to Frimley Park Hospital because of his enormous body form. His journey took two hours before he arrived at the emergency medical facility. Because he didn’t fit in the regular ambulance, he had to be picked up in a special one. His large physique weight was putting an excessive amount of strain on his internal organs, making them susceptible to failure if something went wrong.

To keep his body weight, Holton ate a lot of takeaway food such as doner meat, chow mein, and French fries. To wash down his large meals, he drank 1.5 liters of orange juice along with other sugary drinks each day. In addition, he would drink 5 cans of diet coke daily. His unhealthy eating habits cost him more than $50 per day.

Back in October 2021, Holton made headlines when he was stuck in his third-floor apartment and had to be rescued by a crane. The operation took seven hours and required the assistance of thirty firefighters. Structural engineers were also called to reinforce the floor so it wouldn’t collapse under Holton’s weight.

Holton will now be living in a nursing home outside of London where he will have to follow a strict diet plan so that he can finally reach a healthy weight. Although, Holton argues that not being able to eat as much as enjoy is “torture” and his “human rights” are being taken away from him.

“I am on a drink restriction, and I keep trying to explain to them, ‘I’ve got my human rights, and I should be able to drink what I want to.’ But I’m not allowed,” he said. “I’m so down about it… I keep saying, ‘Why can’t you give me my drink back instead of making life difficult for me?’ I told them I’ll call the police because I’m constantly dehydrated.”

He continued: “I knew I’d get really ill eventually, given my size, but I never expected it would happen to me now. It’s terrifying.”

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