Donkeys, more specifically burros or miniature donkeys, have been becoming more popular among brides and grooms since 2015 as they help add a rustic touch to the wedding by serving drinks. The first recorded wedding that distributed beer to guests using burros happened when Texas Hill County Events was catering for a bride. A client asked Alisha Randig if the company could provide the unique experience of having miniature donkeys serve drinks to thirty wedding guests.

Randig was delighted by the notion of using burros to dispense beer at the wedding celebration. So, she went on Craigslist and promptly put in an offer to purchase two donkeys. The first was a female called Annie Oakley, while the other was male referred to as John Wayne. The burros were so popular with weddings that people started requesting them for other events. The catering company slowly grew its herd from two to six donkeys.

The event company advertised its unique offering on social media. In one image shared on Instagram, a happy bride and groom are leading two beer burros that are equipped with numerous beverages for people to enjoy. The wedding company posted the following, “Such sweetness when the couple shares how much they loved having Titan and Loretta at their wedding. We always have one paint and one brown Burro team for events! #beerburros #hillcountryweddings.”

In addition to helping pass our beers at a wedding reception, brides and grooms often recruit these cute animals to do extra work at their event. That includes handing out snacks and drinks during cocktail hour, passing out party favors for the wedding guests, or even acting as a walking photo booth! Burros are becoming increasingly popular among people in Texas and across the country for their fun and unique abilities to liven up events.

If you thought your wedding receptions lacked excitement, a California-based company has something new for you: miniature donkeys serving alcohol. That’s right, Little Burro Events is running weddings with beer and wine-carrying animals in Napa Valley, Sonoma–and even San Francisco.

However, the idea of using burros to serve beer at weddings is not met with unanimous excitement. Animal rights activists have raised concerns about the possible dangers these animals can face when being handled by people they don’t know. They point out that the donkeys ile and can put guests at risk if they’re not well cared for by their handlers.

Some people believe that donkeys should not be used for “entertainment” at weddings or other events, as they argue it is inhumane to subject animals to such activities.

While some people are not fans of the new trend, those who are using burros for beer service say that the animals are treated well and with respect. They argue that the donkeys enjoy interacting with people, making them a fun addition to any wedding reception.

Beer burros are a controversial subject, but it looks like they’re here to stay. As long as these animals are treated humanely and safety is always the top priority, having beer donkeys could be a big hit at your wedding reception.