The world’s skinniest skyscraper, Steinway Tower, is finally completed! Located at 111 West 57th Street in New York, the building stands 1,428 feet tall and overlooks Central Park. Inside are 90 stories and 46 full-floor residences with duplexes.

The Steinway & Sons piano company has been replaced by a new, iconic skyscraper designed by Studio Sofield. The building’s slender 24:1 height-to-width ratio earns it the title of “the most slender skyscraper in the world.” Additionally, its terracotta exterior gives the tower an ever-changing color and texture that is visible from different angles and in various lights.

Super skinny skyscrapers, such as the one pictured, became popular in Hong Kong during the 1970s. New York and other large cities began to pick up on the trend later on.

Many people speculated about how stunning the interior of the tower would be while it was being built. Now that we have a real glimpse, we can confirm that it is absolutely immaculate. The lobby is surrounded by luxurious limestone, marble, blackened steel and velvet, with floors of gray solid oak. As you stroll around, you’ll see many original pieces of art by artists like Picasso and Matisse hung all around.

“We’ve all been to very luxurious places, but I wanted to create a building that could not be anywhere else in the world,” stated William Sofield, Studio Sofield’s founder. “I know so many people might have multiple homes, who will have apartments here. And I wanted to create a very distinct experience that could only be had in New York.”

The tower is located on Midtown street, next to other towers that comprise “Billionaire’s Row.”

In addition to the finishes and grandeur, there are plenty of spectacular amenities like an 82-foot swimming pool and a modern take on New York’s King Cole Bar. There is also private dining with a chef’s kitchen, golf simulator, and terrace all located inside this one space.

Sofield wanted a luxurious feeling throughout the space—while making sure it was also one-of-a-kind and unprecedented.

“I always am very personal in my work,” Sofield stated. “So (take) the swimming pool, for example … I didn’t want it to feel like a normal swimming pool. It has wood paneling with great detailing and gold leaf details. It has a vaulted ceiling. It has draperies… So it’s very unlike any swimming pool you would find in New York.”

If you think you know the meaning of opulent, wait until you see it for yourself. The video below shows what a $28,750,000 apartment would look like inside a skyscraper!