The violent situation in the U.S has shown no sign of peaking. The national news is oversaturated with violent occurrences. These violent new stories barely receive any coverage before the next violent news story is reported. So, Protesting after the recent death of Daniel Prude comes as no surprise. 100’s of black lives matter protesters gathered in Times Square to show their support for Daniel Prude. Body footage recently released from the Daniel prude incident reveals the inhumane treatment of a handcuffed and compliant Prude. A Rochester police officer can be seen pressing through the spit hood covering Prude’s face until his body went limp. Daniel Prude, another victim of police brutality was taken off life support 7 days after the incident. protesting the grotesque death of Daniel Prude, Black lives matter protesters peacefully gathered in the streets of time square when a vehicle, driven by an unknown suspect, plowed through the crowd.

Police confirmed that the event happened on Thursday night in time square. A source supplied NBC with information confirming that the unidentified suspect was part of the Keep America Great Rally. The suspect’s identity is currently being protected as the New York Police Department continues to investigate the incident. For now, The NYPD has confirmed that the suspect was a trump supporter who, in a moment of rage, used his car as a weapon. Before the suspect drove his vehicle through the crowd, heated words were exchanged between the suspect and protestors. In photographs from the night, the NYPD can be seen attempting to separate Black lives matters protesters from the Keep America Great Counter-protesters. Rumors that the unmarked car was a police car have been denied by the NYPD. Other footage of the vehicle during the incident reveals that the driver was wearing an American flag shirt. The NYPD has reported no death or serious injuries as a result of the incident.

Witnesses of the attack contradict information released by the NYPD. Several possible injuries occurred due to the suspect’s actions. Lora Gettlefinger was one of the victims who took a direct hit from the black Ford Taurus. There were 3 other victims, all on bikes, who were hit by the unidentified suspect. Gettlefinger reports being shaken up by the event. Her knee was injured during the incident but luckily Gettlefinger is still alive. Qaaree McDaniel, another witness of the incident, was acting as security for the Black Lives Matter protesters when events unfolded. He recalls people being hit. He then attempted to get out of the vehicle’s way, but the Ford Taurus still managed to hit his bike which then hit both of his legs. McDaniel was unimpressed with the NYPD’s reaction to the incident. The NYPD simply looked on as the vehicle ran through the crowd.