Family members of the congressman by the GOP, Adam Kinzinger, made clear their opinion about Kinzinger´s decision of backing up the impeachment of ex-president Trump. The impeachment process was initiated due to the MAGA riots that occurred at the Capitol in Washington DC. Although the MAGA movement is a diverse group, many of its members are fervent supporters of Mr. Trump and his presidency. Despite all the opposition that Adam Kinzinger received go against Mr. Trump, he opted for following his own decision. And according to the opinion of some members of his family, that was not the only opposition he received as the experts, journalists, and other commentators from the TV channel Fox News also took some distance. The fierce family´s disapproval was revealed by Kinzinger himself as he showed a hand-written letter signed by eleven members of his extended family and dated January 8th, 2021.

In the letter, they did not hesitate to show their disgust toward his behavior by claiming that the senator had been lost the respect of renowned personalities such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Greg Kelly, Lou Dobbs, or Laura Ingraham. The trigger of this letter was the early request of Kinzinger to Vice-President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment against the former president Donald Trump. The amendment specifies how to handle the situation between The President and the Vice-President of the United States in case of death, resignation, or incapacity of the President. If Mike Pence would have claimed it, he would have removed Donald Trump from his presidential functions. The initial purpose of the letter was to let Adam Kinzinger know the deep disappointment that the family suffered from his behavior. Among some of the reasons to feel that way, the family stated that Trump is a Christian man that was acting according to Christian principles by blocking socialist ideas. Although the family members recognized the imperfections of Trump as a human being, they insisted that his Christianity would have allowed God to use him as King Salomon was used in ancient days.

Despite the family claimed that they are not entitled to judge him or anyone else, the tone and expressions included in the letter seemed otherwise. Firstly. they accused the lawmaker of supporting ideas that promote abortion as the Democrats also support those ideas. They went further by claiming that Kinzinger was supporting the devil´s army and committing sin. They even took the opportunity to question his faith in God and affirming that God would be disappointed too. Kinzinger was not the only Republican party representative to support the impeachment and the family dared to comment that those representatives were also brainwashed and somehow supporting extreme liberal ideas of the Democrat party. The letter also shows that the family questioned Kinzinger´s intelligence. For several years, GOP supporters and Christian donors have been an important source of donations for his campaigns. As the letter continues, the family member did not miss the chance to offer their best wishes for the fundraising activities of the senator but ironically claim they are sure that many other GOP followers and Christian supporters that used to donate to his campaign would be experiencing the same feelings of anger and disappointment. At the end of the letter, the family expresses its final verdict by expressing their disrespect for Adam´s ideas.