On Independence Day, in the year 1795, Paul Revere buried a time capsule beneath the Massachusetts State House.

In January 2015, over two hundred years later, the capsule was unearthed by a team of historians, archaeologists, and other researchers. Unfortunately, the capsule could not be opened immediately, as it was sealed far too tightly; it took over a year for preservationists to be able to open it without damaging its contents.

The first item removed from the box was an issue of the Boston Daily, a newspaper that was published every Saturday when Paul Revere was alive. Under the newspaper, Revere placed a shilling, a coin that was once minted in Massachusetts, as well as twenty-three other coins.

In addition to the newspaper and the schilling, Revere included a silver plate in his capsule. Etched into the silver plate was a message from Revere, which identified the Massachusetts State House and paid tribute to Governor Samuel Adams.

As of right now, Revere’s time capsule is still on the surface. However, it will eventually be returned to its original spot, and state officials are currently trying to decide whether they will leave the capsule as Revere intended it or add new objects for future generations to uncover.