A group of beachgoers in Panama City, Florida just recently got the surprise of their lives when an alligator unexpectedly appeared on the beach!

The alligator might be seen swimming to coast in St. Andrews State Park prior to leaving onto the beach to get some sun. It appeared to everybody like the alligator wished to take pleasure in the sun much like the rest people do!

There are over one million alligators residing in Florida, and they have actually just recently been making headings by appearing on land. Sadly, alligator attacks are on the increase, with population and city advancement into their environments being contributing elements. Scientists stated that human activity is the only cause for the increase in alligator attacks.

One source stated that gator bites in Florida “have actually been on the increase, increasing from approximately simply one every 3 years in between 1988 and 1999 to about 7 annually in between 2000 and 2016.” Due to the fact that of this, the Florida Wildlife Commission is increase efforts to keep the general public safe around gators.

The FWC has actually recommended individuals to never ever feed the alligators, as this is unlawful and triggers alligators to associate individuals with food and stop distancing themselves. If you do encounter an alligator, you must keep your range, since they are quicker than you believe. Lastly, swim just in designated swimming locations throughout daytime hours, considering that alligators are most active in between sunset and dawn.

” We’re stepping up our actions when it pertains to gators since, naturally, public security is critical,” stated FWC spokesperson Karen Parker. “If you have actually got a body of water in Florida, there’s a likelihood there’s an alligator in it.”