Outrage has sprung up after a dentist from the Dental Health Partners in Jackson, Ohio erected a parking sign designated solely for certain individuals. Some argued that it was intended as a show of gratitude to those who have served our country; however, others felt that this highly specific signage would receive little use and thus be ineffective within the community.

The sign, which allocated parking to America’s courageous military personnel, was spotted quickly after it went up. It served as a tribute to our veterans whose selfless duty of safeguarding and upholding democracy had put their lives in danger. The dentist practice simply wanted to show appreciation for the brave actions taken by these heroes on behalf of the United States of America against evil forces abroad.

The snap of the veterans-only parking sign quickly went viral on social media and created a sensation. It was simple, yet powerful:

“Super Hero Parking Only: Veterans, Active [Military], Police, Fire, EMS.”

In a blink of an eye, the Ohio Going Blue collective publicized the image to their large audience on Facebook. And then in a couple of days’ time, countless individuals had come across and engaged with the signage outside of the dentist’s office through comments.

“Need those at every business,” one Facebook user said.

“I think that this a great idea,” another person wrote. “What makes that group of people so great, though, is they probably wouldn’t park there. They would give it up for the less fortunate. God bless all of them for what they do for all of us.”

“I agree with everything here. Keep in mind that all of these heroes have families. Some of those heroes died doing their job. I lost my wife. She was one of these heroes. I know how the families feel. Maybe we could make a sign for the families of fallen heroes.”

The notion that a veterans’ parking sign spurred such uproarious discord in Ohio, home to numerous veterans, astounded many individuals.

“So what! Lowe’s and home depot do it .why shouldn’t anyone else be able to. These are the people that serve or have served our country in many different ways. Yes, there are good and bad out there, but just like all the citizens of our country, there are also good and bad. So if someone wants to express their thank you like this, let them. And if you don’t like it, then go elsewhere. Just saying.”

Following the image’s explosive popularity, Holzer Health System’s Director of Safety encouraged everyone to install a similar sign at their respective places of business.

“If any organizations or companies would like to order Super Hero Signs,” the director said. “Please feel free to inbox me, and I will get you the contact information. I would like to see these at businesses in America.”