An entertaining reenactment of “King Kong” unfolded in the town square, when a mischievous monkey clasped onto a pup and scrambled from roof to roof atop buildings.

On Saturday, an astonishing sight was seen in Jaipur when a bystander captured the moment of a monkey perched atop the roof with an unsuspecting black and white dog firmly clutched in its grasp.

The dog desperately struggled to free itself from the monkey’s grasp, yet it was all in vain as the simian maintained its powerful grip while gazing intently into the throng.

When the monkey realized it had been spotted, it clung to the pet with one arm before making a daring jump to an adjacent balcony and then onto another rooftop in order to make its escape.

As the audience guffaws at the monkey’s activities, the video abruptly ends and it is uncertain what became of the hapless pup.

This is not a unique occurrence in Jaipur, home to the massive Hindu temple complex which houses an extensive troop of monkeys and has earned it the nickname The Monkey Temple.

Tourists from all over the world flock to this city for a chance to catch a glimpse of its mischievous inhabitants: monkeys! Despite their cuteness, many travel websites caution visitors about these primates’ penchant for pilfering and recommend that people keep their belongings far away.

Although Monkeys can be lighthearted, some of them have a grim past when it comes to dogs. To exact revenge in 2021, two monkeys killed an estimated 250 canine companions in Maharashtra – 621 miles from Jaipur.

With a chilling vengeance, the primates have been suspected of killing canines by dragging them to heights and letting gravity do its work as retribution for one dog’s slaying of an infant primate.

After a grueling manhunt, the kidnappers were finally apprehended by law enforcement and transferred to another wooded area where they were set free.

In September 2021, a monkey in Malaysia was caught on camera abducting a puppy and keeping it captive for three days. This incident is not exclusive to India; similar situations are occurring all over the world.

After multiple tries to save the pup, residents of Taman Lestari Putra eventually rescued it by pelting a barrage of rocks at the monkey, which released its grip as it ran away.