In a recent segment on ABC’s “The View,” sparks flew as some of the co-hosts, notably the far-left firebrand Joy Behar, launched a scathing assault on WWE icon and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His crime? Declaring that he won’t throw his weight behind Joe Biden for the 2024 election due to the dismal state of affairs under the current administration.

During an early April interview with Fox News’ Will Cain on “Fox & Friends,” Johnson expressed regret for endorsing Biden in 2020 and made it clear he wouldn’t repeat that endorsement. Asserting his optimism for America’s future, he stated, “Am I happy with the state of America right now? Well, that answer’s no. Do I believe we’re gonna get better? I believe in that.”

Johnson’s refusal to toe the party line sent shockwaves through “The View” studio. As the clip of his remarks played, the audience erupted in boos. Behar wasted no time dismissing Johnson’s opinion, arguing that celebrities like him should stick to entertaining and steer clear of politics.

Attempting to inject some nuance into the discussion, Anna Navarro defended Johnson’s right to speak his mind, emphasizing that celebrities are still citizens with a stake in the political process. She highlighted Johnson’s track record of advocating for voting rights rather than aligning strictly with one party.

But the barrage against Johnson continued unabated. Sunny Hostin launched into a diatribe, labeling Trump as an “existential threat to democracy” and insisting that influential figures like The Rock have a moral duty to oppose him. She urged celebrities with platforms to become politically active, citing the urgency of the current political climate.

Pushing back against Hostin’s fervor, Alyssa Farrah Griffin pointed out that Johnson’s influence doesn’t necessarily sway partisan lines and suggested his focus should be on encouraging civic engagement rather than endorsing candidates.

The clash on “The View” underscores the intense polarization gripping the nation as the 2024 election looms. Celebrities are finding themselves under increasing pressure to align with the prevailing political narrative, even as dissenting voices like Johnson’s face swift backlash.

While “The View” may be a battleground of ideologies, Johnson’s stance serves as a reminder that in a democracy, everyone has the right to speak their truth, regardless of the uproar it may cause.

As the political theater unfolds, one thing remains clear: in the arena of public opinion, there are no shortage of contenders vying for the spotlight, each with their own script to follow. And in the midst of it all, the voice of the people will ultimately be the one to decide who takes center stage.