Grease has remained one of the most popular and beloved musicals of all time, but some people believe that it’s severely behind the times. Many are re-watching the film and realizing that it may not have a place in the new “woke” culture of today’s modern age. There are even calls for streaming services to stop showing it as the male-dominated tones are offputting to many. Fans are now looking at this film through the lens of today’s modern culture.

The original film was released in 1978 and starred Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta as the leads. Olivia Newton-John has a different take on the film and sees it for what she thinks it truly is. She still sees Grease as a musical comedy, that when taken in the light in which it was made, shouldn’t be canceled. Grease was Olivia Newton-John’s most popular film and is what put her on America’s radar.

Olivia Newton-John sees Grease from the perspective of a project that she was able to work on with John Travolta in a very different time than today. She reminisces on the kissing scene that she and John shared in the film, more than if the film should pass scrutiny today. The infamous kiss took place on a beach on the first day of filming and Olivia Newton-John still looks back on that scene fondly. Whether Grease will stand up to the test of time and the new standards that people look for today, remains to be seen.