When having a newborn, mothers receive so much praise with the birth. Newborns come with so many different beautiful features. Some newborns have fiery red hair, some have locks of beautiful curls, so no hair at all. One mother received so much attention on her baby’s hair and was questionable if she should shave her newborn.

This mother made a TikTok video that went viral catching attention and thousands of views, all over the hair on her baby. She questioned whether or not she should shave her baby’s legs. She posted the video on July 14, 2021. Since the post, she has had over 85 million views and hundreds of comments. The video showed the baby’s extremely hairy legs with a caption reading: When your baby becomes hairy from having to take medicine. Comments started pouring in questioning if the baby was a werewolf, time to wax, still beautiful, if the baby was born that way, have you checked hormone level, and many more. Comments varied from curiosity, support, and negativity.

Following the uproar of her baby’s hairy video, the mother made another video. In the second video the mother stated the baby was on a medication called diazoxide and he didn’t need his hormones checked. She stated that the hair wasn’t there at birth and appeared after the baby started taking the medication. A viral video on TikTok can certainly lead to controversial opinions and make for curiosity in all directions.


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