Evgeny Anisimov of Russia and his wife had vastly differing opinions on what should be done when the doctor told them that their newborn son had Down syndrome. It was the husband’s belief that God gave their child Down syndrome for a reason, and that it was a blessing. The mother strongly disagreed and suggested putting the child up for adoption to let the state take care of him. Evgeny refused and stated that he would raise the child alone if he had to. His wife then left him.

Despite this turn of events, Evgeny Anisimov says he forgives his wife, and that she was just acting out of fear. Also influencing his wife’s decision was her side of the family. Her father said that the couple should put their son up for adoption and just make another one, stating that this would make their life full of joy, not sorrow. Regardless of her reasons, Evgeny now raises his son as a single father.

Evgeny Anisimov now spends much of his time helping his son to develop both physically and mentally. He states that he does not regret his decision and that even though his wife left him, he is happy to stand with his son. Evgeny also knows that others also face the challenge of raising a child with Down syndrome, and works to help spread awareness, and encourage acceptance. He has stated that he wants to tell others who happen to be in the same situation as him that they should not be afraid, and that everything will be fine.