There are many brain teasers and optical illusions that may be found on the internet. There are several optical illusion images that have caused a stir. And because it challenges your intellect, many people enjoy this sort of challenge.

If you enjoy trying to figure out how to solve this type of riddle, then there is no doubt that you’ll like this online sensation. If you’ve already viewed this picture, you’re probably having a difficult time finding the answers to the problem.

This is an example of a viral photo that generated a lot of internet attention. When the photograph was taken, it was not intended to go viral. Reddit caused this image to spread like wildfire, with people all around the world becoming intrigued and wanting to solve the riddle.

This archived image was added to the site. It depicted a group of six women sitting on a couch, looking rather normal. People noticed something strange about it because there are only five pairs of legs in the picture. The photo shows six women, but just five sets of legs.

You can see that the third woman from the left has no legs in this picture.

Some of you may be perplexed that one or more of them might not have legs. That is not the case, however. They each have full limbs. This is an optical illusion, as a matter of fact.

Those who view the shot were intended to be a brain teaser. And, yes, it was simply a coincidence that it happened to be an excellent-timed photo. And many people wondered what had become of the one pair of legs in the image.

You must have a suspicion as to why that pair of legs is absent. But why are they so difficult to see?

There was no question why this photo of the Appleton, Wisconsin girls became an overnight sensation after it was posted on Reddit. Users were confused and began discussing it in the comments section. Many have vague ideas as to where the legs might be hidden. However, there were a few who were able to figure out the mystery behind this photograph.

After that, many Reddit users attempted to alter the photo in order to locate the pair of legs. Some individuals increased the brightness while others began sketching over the women’s bodies. Yes, a number of individuals appeared to have obtained answers, but others did not.

After this photo became popular, the group was able to get an appearance on Fox & Friends. These girls also recreated the famous shot for the hosts and viewers during their interview with Fox & Friends. Even after they sat down in the same position, wearing identical outfits as before, things remained consistent. One pair of legs is still missing!

Now that’s a real brain teaser!