After serving time for her role in the college admissions scam, Lori Loughlin has been released from prison. Following high school, Loughlin and her spouse paid off a man who promised to improve her daughters’ college applications so that they could attend prestigious institutions. Loughlin’s misdeeds have not just harmed her emotionally but also professionally: she spent weeks in jail as a result of what she did to deceive her children into going to school.

After Loughlin was released from prison, her connection to the Hallmark Channel flickered. Loughlin was a favorite of the channel prior to the controversy, but she is being supplanted by Alison Sweeney now. Many people feel that Sweeney would make a good replacement for convicted Loughlin, but die-hard fans of Loughlin are unconvinced.

If you aren’t familiar with Alison Sweeney’s name, you’ve probably seen her face before. Since she was four years old, she has acted in Hollywood. Her part as Sami on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives” helped propel her to prominence today. She has been acting on “Days of Our Lives” since 1993.

“I was really lucky. I’m from LA, so it wasn’t a big fish out of water story, and my parents are super grounded and normal and real and tough and strict,” Sweeney stated. “I was never left out on my own to figure that out. I was always really guided by my brothers and my parents, who were all very loving.”

Sweeney has both the appearance and acting skills to take on any role Hallmark Channel may offer her, something Loughlin once did with all the grace she could muster.

With Sweeney at the helm, Hallmark will continue to produce feel-good programming. Even if it has to occur without Lori Loughlin owing to her commitment and time spent in jail, the channel will continue to move ahead one day at a time.

Sweeney starred in the period drama Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swensen Mystery in 2021. She was thrilled to be a part of the team and hear wonderful feedback from fans across the internet and in the comments.

“Reading the comments makes me so happy! I think the Hannah Swensen series of books and movies resonate because of its combination of romance and intrigue, plus there’s a bit of comedy worked into each one. It was important to me to bring this movie franchise back, albeit with the new name of A Hannah Swensen Mystery, because of the fan commitment to these characters and because I personally love working with Cameron (Mathison), Gabe (Hogan), and Barbara (Niven).”

Do you think Sweeney would make a good replacement for Lori Loughlin on the Hallmark Channel?